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All RBC games are filmed with 2 cameras and uploaded to our YouTube channel.  This gives RBC staff a way to track team and player stats for the season, as well as player development goals.  After each tournament coaches will analyze film, enter stats, and create highlights for all teams.  We use this film in two ways:  To promote your player, and to help better your player.  Not all highlights are made for TV.  Some have to be made to illustrate a teaching point and what your player needs to improve on.  Parents are given account passwords which allow them full access to game film and highlights.  You may click the 2019 or 2020 Highlights button above to see some of our highlights from past and current seasons.

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We Get Kids To College

Champion athletes aren’t just born - they’re selected, trained, molded and tested. Since 2017, RBC Basketball has been a competitive force in the Keller, TX area. 

We hone raw talent to maturity with quality coaching, primal workouts and a true love of the sport.  Our goal as an organization is to get players to college.  To find out more about our program  check out our      

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