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Girls Skills

New skills dates will be posted

spring of 2023.

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girls skills basketball

RBC skills training is based on a Games Approach philosophy.  To lean more click here.

Zero Seconds Skills Training is focused on improving ball skills. Dribbling, ballhandling, passing and shooting are taught through fast-paced and rhythmic learning opportunities. We mix many of those skills together rather than training them in isolation.

Zero Seconds

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We believe that the most open an offensive player is going to get is when they first catch the ball. As such there are no predetermined movements. We want technical aspects of offensive play executed quickly and decisively with no pause on the catch. This means that as soon as a player’s feet hit the ground they are immediately into their shot, pass, or drive. As a result we do not emphasize jabs or fakes but rather we want our players to make decisive decisions on the catch about whether to shoot, dribble or pass.

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Basketball Decision Training

The goal of BDT is to provide learning opportunities that help players to improve their decision-making skills, not just their technical skills. It uses random and variable learning opportunities to best simulate competitive conditions. The foundation of the BDT process is the hand and body signals which key an offensive reaction. Various signals are used by the passer or coach and the offensive players must read the signal to make the appropriate decision. 

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