RBC offers competitive travel AAU Basketball teams for Boys and Girls ages 8-18. The spring/summer season runs from March through early August, and will consist of 35-50 games and focused team workouts each week with our highly trained coaching staff.  Our fall season runs from September through early December and provides each team with 15-25 games in AAU leagues and tournaments in the DFW Area.  

Our teams will compete in various tournaments and or leagues such as: MAYB, Regional LIVE Events (D1 Coaches present), National AAU Basketball Tournament in Orlando, FL, several DFW Area tournaments including The Whataburger Basketball Summer Tournament Classic.

Gear: Players will receive a RBC gear package which includes our custom game jersey (home/away), practice jersey, shooters shirt, and team bag.

Program Details

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Robinson Basketball Teams range from 8U-17U and is a year round program.  Our teams are designed to excel player development and get players to college.  Our younger teams will get an incredible experience traveling like a college program and learning the recruiting process. High School teams begin the recruiting process from "Day One" of entering the RBC program.  

Our program is based on the teachings of Coach Chris Oliver.  Chris Oliver is a Canadian College Coach who has revolutionized the game, through his teaching system based on decision making and the "Games approach" philosophy. Below is a list of our programs and what RBC can do for your player.

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13U - 17U  Boys/Girls Program

This is RBC's college track program.  We cannot guarantee every player a scholarship to play college basketball, but we can guarantee every player the opportunity to play in front of college coaches who can make that dream happen. Players will participate in NCAA sanctioned tournaments during all live periods from April - August..    This is an atmosphere like no other, full of college recruiters and media outlets.  These tournaments are some of the biggest stages you can play on at the youth level.  Events are held  on both a local and national level.   Depending on the team your player makes...certain teams play on the Under Armour Circuit, Prep Hoops Circuit, or just play in local tournaments. All circuit teams require travel approximatley once a month, and can travel more depending on parents, and team performance.  Circuit teams will have maximum exposure to recruiters, while local teams have very little.  Players will have numerous opportunities to get on national/state ranking systems.  



All teams will practice twice a week minimum.  Some teams as they approach National tournament dates could practice three times a week.  Practices are fast paced and physically demanding.  Our practices are conducted by ex-college and international players with a goal to be as efficient as possible, and cut out all the fluff.  Fluff is all the unnecessary, old school ways of teaching, that do not result in your player getting better.  

Team Camps

Players will attend team camps with RBC.  College Camps are another way to get on the recruiting radar.  Team camps are put on by colleges in the summer who are wanting to get a closer look at prospective students.  Your player's entire team will attend these camps with their respective coaches.  The format is typically a skills session in the morning, followed by film sessions, and team games in the afternoon.  These style of camps can last 2-4 days, and may or may not be local.


Individual Camps

Individual camps are what most parents are familiar with.  The difference between attending a local youth camp, where their intentions are to fuel your camper's desire to learn,  and college camps,  is that college camps are used for recruiting purposes.  Your player needs to attend the camp at the division level they could realistically play in college.  Attending D1 Camps when your player is D3 is a waste of time.  This is something RBC Staff cannot support.

Showcases & Combines

RBC handpicks certain Showcases and Combines to attend.  We pick the ones we will attend based on the track record of the provider and the connections we have developed over the years.  The better the connections we have at these events, the better the opportunity for your player.  Some of these combines will offer campus tours as well.

Lady RBC

Lady RBC was formed in the summer of 2018 with six girls who were exploring the sport of basketball. Since then our numbers have exploded and most recently acquiring a partnership with the JR. NBA’s “Her time to play."  Whose curriculum pairs on court training with off the court life skills lessons.  In an effort to build confidence, they prepare them for the challenges of adolescence, and teaches the value of teamwork.
Coach Robinson and Coach Hurst bring a variety of knowledge to the program with out of the box thinking and positive reenforcement .  Lady RBC is a two part program:

Part One 4U - 11U Girls as young as 8 years old have found a place within RBC to nourish their curiosity for basketball, as well as form friendships with other female athletes while learning fundamentals and character building.  We house a wide range of skill and ability.  Even those who have never played can come learn the basics in a laid back and positive environment that focuses on decision making and skill acquisition.

Part Two 12U - 13U Lady RBC - Black is our Under Armour Future travel team.  Players wishing to tryout for the Black team will be required to meet a certain skill set.  These players must exhibit the ability to listen and follow directions.  No exceptions!  Practice will be held twice a week for two hours.

Girls on the Black team travel approximately twice a month to compete in tournaments.  Most tournaments are local with national tournaments out of state during the summer months.  Time and financials commitments will be discussed upon making the team.