RBC Tournaments 
Rules & Expectations 



  • Team listed second is Home Team. They wear white. 

  • Home Team responsible for game ball. Each team must have its own warm-up balls.

  • Concession Stand Available.

  • Admission Fees

    • 1 Day Format - Adults $12/day, Children 12 and under $5/day.

    • 1 Day Format - Adults $15/Night, Children 12 and under $10/night. (Zombie Tourney)

    • 1 Day Format - Adults $15/Night, Children 12 and under $10/Night. (Up All Night Tourney.)

    • 2 Day Format - Adults $10/day $20/Weekend, Children 12 and under $5/day $10/Weekend. 

    • 3 Day Format - Adults $10/day $30/Weekend, Children 12 and under $5/day $15/Weekend. 

  • All score table functions will be taken care of by tournament staff.  Just show up and play(Zombie Tourney & Up All Night Tourney table functions are home and away teams responsibilities.)



  • Grade verification process excluded from Up All Night Tourney.

  • Grade verification process excluded from Zombie Tourney.

  • All players must check-in at the “Player Check-In” table upon arrival. (Zombie Tourney the following paragraph is exempt.)  Once, a player has been verified they will be added to your team roster.  The rosters will be forwarded to the scorer’s tables.  All players will be verified by name and number before the game starts.  Players cannot be added to the roster at the scorer’s table.  They can only be added at the Player Check-In table.  If a player enters a game who has not checked in properly their team will be given a technical foul and the player will be suspended until he has been verified. After game 1 no additions will be allowed.   NO EXCEPTIONS TO THIS RULE!!!

  • Grade verification at the “Player Check-In” table will take no longer than 2 minutes unless the player is in question.  Name and number verification at the scorer’s table will be done during warm-ups.  Nothing is needed from either team to participate in this process.

  • Rosters will need to be submitted to Todd@rbcbasketball.com no later than Wednesday at Midnight before the tournament begins.



  • NFHS rules will be enforced with the following exceptions:

  • All teams will play (2) 18 minute halves with the clock stopping the last 2 minutes of the 2nd half.

  • In the case of an overtime situation both teams will shoot free throws.  Any player on the court may shoot the overtime free throws. All in-game players will line up, like in the case of a technical foul, each team will shoot a free throw.  This is not a sudden death situation.  If Team-A makes their free throw then Team-B will get to shoot a free throw.  If Team-B misses then Team-A wins.  If both teams make the free throw they will shoot again until someone misses.

  • Warm-up will be 2 minutes for pre-game and 2 minute half time.  If the tournament schedule is running behind it will be at the Tournament Director’s discretion to shorten warm-up times in an effort to get the schedule caught up.

  • If a team is late to a game the clock starts at game time. You play whatever time is left in your game when you arrive.  If the team arrives before half time the tardy team will be assessed a 10 point penalty.  The tardy team forfeits if they have not arrived by the start of the 2nd half.

  • Each team gets 3 time outs per game. The timeout length will be 30 seconds.

  • Fouls

    • Each player will be allowed 6 fouls.  

    • Single Bonus will start at 10 fouls.  No Double Bonus.  One Shot for 2 points.  

    • One free throw for 2 points awarded on shooting fouls inside the arc and one free throw for 3 points on shooting fouls outside the arc.

    • If a shot is made on a foul it counts as 3 or 4 points depending on location.  No free throws.

  • 6th grade boys and up will use 29.5 inch balls.  5th grade boys and under will use 28.5 inch balls.



  • Schedules will be posted on our website under the "RBC Tournaments" category and on exposure events.  Schedules will be live at Midnight the Wednesday before the tournament begins.

  • No more than 2 coaches allowed on the bench during a game. Only two Coaches given free admission per tournament.

  • Coaches will sign in at the gate on their way into games.  Players and coaches will be held to the highest standard of conduct.  Failure to follow the agreement will mean disciplinary action taken against you and your players.  If a coach or player is thrown out of a game, they will not be allowed to coach/play for the remainder of the tournament.

  • If a player or coach receives three or more technicals during the tournament, they will not be allowed to coach or play anymore. No refunds issued.

  • You can have a player on your team that is playing up a grade level but not down.  For example, a player can play up in the 7th grade if they are in 6th grade but not down in the 5th grade.  This rule can be subject to change in Division 2 ONLY.  We all have seen the player who is in 6th grade but plays at a 4th or 5th grade level.  This can and only will happen in Division 2.  This is at the Tournament Directors discretion.  Please remember Division 2 is about helping those who are at a much lower skill level than those in Division 1.

  • All coaches will be given 2 food tickets.  These tickets give you 2 free meals at concessions. (Does not apply to tournaments where RBC does not run concessions.)



  • Team Awards - Only one team will be crowned Champion.  In the real world 2nd place is not given a trophy.  This is a philosophy adults live by and is a good life lesson. Thus, we only give out one award to the winner in each division.

  • Tie-breaker Method - Head to Head, Point Differential, Points Allowed, Points Against, Coin flip.

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